This page is to assist the thousands of young children and adults that are victims of Talent Agency Scams with hopes it will help expose those that are taking advantage of parents around the country.


Parents and Friends please share this review and page. Recently my daughter applied to an Instagram post for an online audition with a Talent Agency based in Chicago Illinois. The audition was held via Zoom which during this session there was 199 kids online trying out and a guest from KC Undercover Conner Weil @connor.weil and previously people like Robert Vito and Dave Flowers.

When she finished her line about Kit Kat Bars the woman that was doing auditions Samantha stated she did well and would let my daughter know by 9pm if she would make a 2nd call back. Well around 8:30 pm we received a text stating she did in fact make the 2nd call back in which we later received an email with all the important information.

My daughter was SO happy she was jumping for joy and so stoked that she made it.

Well that’s when I decided to start researching this company to decide how I wanted to proceed especially with the financial commitment that was involved, that’s when all the fun began.

The company has a website which I visited and immediately struck me as a scam!! There was NO information or links to any social media accounts which is very odd since social media is the way almost ALL young adults communicate so I continued to search for more. There was NO information or links about previous clients or success. I looked up the website and found it was just launched in 2019. So I kept digging.

Next I searched on their business address 401 N Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 which I found to be a virtual office building with NO links to this company.

Next I checked BBB and found a few complaints…/talent-auditions-0654-9002…/complaints but had information about the business owners so I searched on the business and found NO business information. With some help from another person I was told they had also registered a business in Hawaii called WHO Management which never really existed.

Next I started searching for more about this company and it’s employees, which linked to this guy Greg Willis who is an inspiring Country Music singer in Nashville @gregwillismusic who was the very same man that was hosting the Zoom meetings and found to be operating the facebook page with ties to the company a company that has pop up events in states across the US looking for young talent but using hardball tactics to swindle parents out of thousands of dollars. As you can see in the references to the photos Greg Willis’s Facebook account manages the page and is used to post the photos on the Acting and Modeling page. fb://page/?id=156027164858836 His personal page is

While on their facebook page I noticed they have over 250k followers and likes combined so the strange thing was with post going all the way back to 2016 there were very little likes or comments which would be impossible especially with the number of kids and people that follow them. So I started reading the post which led me to a few people that had gotten scammed by this company so I begain reaching out to them. I was able to capture a few screen shots of a post from a person that called them out as scammers before the post was deleted from their page. They monitor their page very well and delete any negative comments and or links that go back to the family or previous clients to prevent people from contacting people.

There have been many different websites and business names that all tie together such as

Hollywood Talent Management 401 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 836-3765


Talent Auditions

Samantha ? (310) 926-9750 Not sure why but phone comes up as Michelle Denogean of Beverly Hills, CA

Please check out all the photos and information on our page.…

More information will be coming soon as well as the other people in the photos attached.

Please don’t fall victim to these scams and protect your children from people that are out to hurt or let your kids down.

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